The Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate commissioned a court-mandated strategic plan that included embodying a new CEO organizational structure. A year-and-a-half long process, Mr. Kaanapu planned, organized, staffed and directed the KPMG team as Co-Team Leader. He organized the collection and disbursement of data from  outreach programs on every island and the mainland to faculty/ staff, parents and alumni and other stakeholder groups. Additionally, he outsourced the primary data research function for web-based responses. As part of the healing process, he conducted and facilitated a dozen work groups on every campus and with selected  “change agents” winnowed dozens of ideas down to a very focused and actionable plan touching on every facet of the School’s education and endowment processes. As the Hawaii-based Team leader, he liaised with the interim CEO on a twice-weekly basis and made management presentations to the trustees.